Dr. Kian Momeni - Dr. Andreas Jaeger - Dr. Hans Strasser

Medical specialists in Urology; Andrology and Medical tumor therapy


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Diciplines of Andrology

Andrology is a medical speciality that deals with male health, particularly relating to the male reproductive system and possible urological disorders.Andrology has a broad range of backgrounds encompassing not just clinical and laboratory Andrology but other associated fields.

Most Andrologists come from different specialist areas such as Endocrinology, Human Genetic Urology, Sexual and Reproductive Health, together with a wide range of other scientific disciplines such as Virology and Oncology.

We are certified and specialised Andrologists and hold a shared belief that modern, state-of-the-art, high quality care needs to be delivered by a team of specialists who work in a complementary manner.

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Urology is the surgical speciality which focuses on diseases of the Urinary Tract Collection System. The bodily system consisting of the organs covered by Urology both scientifically and clinically include kidneys, renal pelvis, urethra, as well as the male prostate glands: seminal vesicle, spermatic duct, penis and testicles.

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