Dr. Kian Momeni - Dr. Andreas Jaeger - Dr. Hans Strasser

Medical specialists in Urology; Andrology and Medical tumor therapy


We extend a warm welcome to you here and look forward to welcoming you personally on the premises our joint Urology and Andrology practice in the Parcside Medical Centre, close to the Stadtpark in the heart of Nürnberg.

Many of our patients come to us with conditions that they are self-conscious about and may have difficulties discussing. We assure you we understand and are here to help Urological and Andrological care remains that of mutual understanding, respect and trust; our aim is to offer you the highest standards of Urological and Andrological treatment and therapies with the emphasis on a good doctor/patient relationship. In addition to bringing you the areas broadest range of Urological services, our goal is to provide the personal service, in the most comfortable environment possible. It is our mission to improve prevention, detection, treatment and ultimately, cure Urologic or Andrologic diseases and/or disorders.

We hope our website will provide you with a view of our practice team and infrastructure. It is our hope you find the site informative and we welcome any questions or comments. If you do have further questions please feel free to contact or visit us so we can answer your questions personally.