Dr. Kian Momeni - Dr. Andreas Jaeger - Dr. Hans Strasser

Medical specialists in Urology; Andrology and Medical tumor therapy


Unfulfilled desire to have children

The unfulfilled desire to conceive a baby has many causes.

It is estimated approximately a third of women and a third of men underlie infertility, and the same percentage will underlie both partners.

Possible causes of male infertility could be:

- Deficiencies of testicles, seminal vesicles and/or prostrate gland
- Genetic disorders
- Bacteriological origin
- Hormonal deficiencies
- Ejaculatory failure
- Inability to achieve or sustain an erection
- Environmental factors and/or Occupational hazards

Reproductive medicine is one of our main focal disciplines in our practice. We strive to offer expert solutions for sensitive problems to ensure best results delivering a high quality of care patients expect.

In close cooperation to the Fertility Centre Nürnberg (Kinderwunschzentrum) (www.ivf-nuernberg.de), the Fertility Centre (Kinderwunschpraxis) Hamori/Behrens/Hammel (www.ivf-erlangen.de) and the Fertility Centre (Kinderwunschzentrum) Nürnberg Erlangen (www.kinderwunsch-franken.com) we can diagnose and offer a comprehensive treatment programme for men in our own practice increasing the possibility of a spontaneous or assisted pregnancy.




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